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illinois annual report

under penalty of perjury, i (we) the undersigned declare and certify that i (we) have examined this annual report and the attached documents, including all the schedules and statements and the facts therein stated are true and complete and filed with the illinois attorney general . File an Illinois Annual Report. Declare to the Office of the Illinois Secretary of State (Department of Business Services) that your business is still operating by filing an annual report. These are due at the end of the month prior to when the company was originally registered in Illinois. The annual report cannot be filed electronically if: The corporation owns property outside of Illinois and /or transacts business outside of Illinois. There have been changes in authorized shares, issued shares and/or paid-in capital.

Not registered? Create an Account. Throughoutthe Illinois Tollway delivered customer-driven benefits throughout the system, advanced important milestones in the Move Illinois Program illinois annual report developed strong partnerships that promote regional growth, strengthen local access to jobs and build sustainable investments. From nationally recognized organizations to on-the-ground engagement with communities and residents, the Tollway consistently engaged with its partners throughout the year to advance priorities.

Inthe Tollway served more than 1. Other year-end statistics include:. Every single day, more than 1, professionals across 15 departments are working to provide customers with a quality transportation option for their travel needs. The Tollway is committed to being an engaged partner throughout the communities it serves. To continue to educate the public on the importance of roadway safety, the Give Them Distance campaign secured thousands of pledges representing unique zip codes.

Inthe campaign was shared more than times on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Throughout the year, the Tollway earned various honors from national, illinois annual report, statewide and regional associations and organizations.

Inillinois annual report, 30 awards were received to celebrate the milestones, accomplishments and successes of projects, illinois annual report, initiatives and people.

Whether in project delivery, innovative partnerships or impacts to economic development, the Tollway is proud to be recognized for its work in helping make a positive impact to the regional transportation network.

The Tollway operates 12 maintenance facilities across its roadway network and stands ready to ensure the roads illinois annual report clear and can help drivers in need. These facilities include full-service sites and salt domes located along the system.

InH. At the core of the Move Illinois Program, engineering and construction accelerated contracts to take advantage of favorable pricing and market conditions throughout In72 construction contracts and 40 professional illinois annual report contracts were awarded. More than 90 new firms conducted business with the Tollway for the first time and 52 percent more Small Business Set-Aside contracts were awarded in compared to The Illinois Tollway engages with regional, local and community partners across Northern Illinois on a daily basis.

Inillinois annual report, the Tollway was involved in more than presentations, events and speaking engagements. In addition, the team was focused on targeted outreach efforts throughout various parts of the Tollway system.

For example, on the Central Tri-State Ithe Tollway engaged with residents, held municipal briefings, hosted public open houses and conducted individual community and business outreach efforts — resulting in more than public outreach touchpoints in The Tollway is illinois annual report to providing a greener, cleaner and more sustainable environment in all aspects of its operation.

Last year, the Tollway used nearlytons of illinois annual report asphalt and concrete in roadway improvements. A new partnership with The Morton Arboretum has led to an innovative study that will provide a data-driven, cost-benefit analysis for decision making purposes illinois annual report to future landscape plantings.

These research sites along the Veterans Memorial Tollway I will help inform future decisions and promote a greener roadway across the system. At least 75 percent of construction waste was reused and recycled on-site and features such as in-floor hydronic radiant heat, overhead natural gas radiant heat and energy-efficient lighting are incorporated throughout the facility.

In professional services, 29 Partnering for Growth agreements were executed and 10 new DBE professional services firms were welcomed to the Tollway. New tothe Tollway also launched ConstructionWorks, a program designed to create a pipeline of diverse men and women ready to enter careers in the heavy highway and related construction industry. The Illinois Tollway is a user-funded system that receives no state or federal funding for maintenance and operations.

Allocations are made from revenue collected on a cash basis and may differ from revenue that is booked on an accrual basis. Capital expenditures are for roadway reconstruction, expansion and systemwide maintenance. Does not reflect reimbursements received pursuant to intergovernmental agreements. The capital program is also funded by proceeds from bond sales. Everything This Site.

The Annual Report highlights notable accomplishments at the Tollway.



illinois annual report


File an Illinois Annual Report. Declare to the Office of the Illinois Secretary of State (Department of Business Services) that your business is still operating by filing an annual report. These are due at the end of the month prior to when the company was originally registered in Illinois. LLC Annual Report Filings. Please Enter a Limited Liability Company File Number. Click here to find the Limited Liability Company file number. BACK TO HOME PAGE. Your Illinois Registered Agent will receive your annual report from the State of Illinois approximately 6 weeks prior to the Annual Report's due date. That date will be determined by your incorporation date with the State of Illinois. Annual Reports are due on the first day of your incorporation month in each year.